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Group Fitness & Personal Training

High Intensity Group Fitness

More Variety + 360 Coaching
= Better Results

Workout as part of a team at Boxtagon Tingalpa. No two sessions are the same.

It’s the most fun you can have while working out. It’s sweat therapy for the time poor.

You will have the support of Boxtagon’s professional coaches during every workout. Our 360 Coaching method provides the guidance and help you need to achieve the results you seek.

Boxtagon has two group fitness programs; Rip In (boxing) and Power Up (functional fitness).

When you find something you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to stick with it. The Boxtagon program gets results – and you’ll have fun doing it.

POWER UP Functional Fitness




the workouts

At Boxtagon, there are two exercise programs, Rip In and Power Up.
Power Up is a group based cross training program. It is based on the principles of functional fitness.
Rip In is a boxing based program.

Most sessions are 60 minutes. Every workout is suitable for all fitness levels, including beginners.


My wife, Stacy, joined Boxtagon and asked me to tag along for a trial. And glad I did. Finally! A gym that caters to all aspect of fitness from heavy lifting to HIIT, Boxing to functional movement.

Working out is made easier for me when I have made such a great group of training buddies no matter what class I attend.

- Jon Mangifesta, Family man – Lifter, Boxer, Allrounder.

Personal training was too expensive for me and normal gyms are so boring. I don’t have the discipline to do my own thing, so what could I possibly do? I stumbled upon Boxtagon

The coaches are great in helping you with your technique and encouraging you along the way. There is no judgement. You just do your best and you’ll get there. I’m surprised at the progress I’ve made in 8 short weeks.

- Amanda Fuller, Kickstarter

My life literally changed in mid-November 2015 when I joined Boxtagon. I was a chronically obese, severely unfit, middle-aged woman the day I first walked into Boxtagon. I was so scared to walk in because I didn’t want to embarrass myself… I walked in anyway…

Over the past year, I have changed. I have lost more than 40kg and have gone from a size 22 to a size 12. Really, that’s not what is important to me anymore. I am happier, healthier and better able to cope with everyday life.

- Terri Vandermeer, Absolute Legend

As a runner, my aim was to gain fitness to improve my running, but also to improve core and upper body strength. What I didn’t expect was the welcoming sense of belonging to an amazing group of people, and trainers who help and encourage each individual to be the best version of themselves.

- Kylie Eastham, Marathon Runner


Personal Training – 3 X 30 Min $99

Boxtagon’s Personal Training available on site and at yours!


Physiotherapy  Tingalpa

Physiotherapy is available at Boxtagon Tingalpa.  Private health care rebates available.


Corporate Challenges

Healthy employees are productive employees. Team up with Boxtagon to give your workplace a boast.



We work with local sports teams to give young athletes access to Boxtagon’s gyms and coaching staff.


Rookies – Boxing For Teens

Boxing program for 10 to 16 year olds. Learn to box and get fit with our boxing coaches.


Unlimited Sessions - One Price.

$45 per week

no lock in contract

$35 per week

for 6 months

$25 Casual

Single Class Pass


First Session is FREE – Any Workout, Any Day.


360 Coaching

You will be coached through every workout at Boxtagon. Our coaches are here to bring out the best in you, both physically and mentally.

Boxtagon uses a 360 coaching method. We interact with our members, we observe and we advise. It’s like having a personal trainer in a group setting.

Coach Gen
Coach Teesh
Coach Mell Symons
Coach Nathan Barnes Coach Sarah Barnes
Coach Mell Symons


Try something new.

Boxtagon is different. And it’s suitable for absolutely everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. The hardest part for many is getting started. A couple of sessions in, you just have to keep showing up.

As a member you get unlimited access to all our sessions at both Brisbane gyms, a team of qualified coaches and a ‘no-fad’ approach to nutrition that actually works.

Boxtagon will absolutely change your life.. if you let it.

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